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Jan 18, 2010  Resources for Vietnam GCSE Controlled Assessment posted in Teaching History: Hello all, This is a plea regarding the Edexcel Spec A 'Modern World' GCSE that we have begun delivering to our students as of September. Once students have completed their first modular exam on Jan 18th 2010 we will begin work on the controlled assessment and I have chosen Vietnam Vietnam War Coursework 1.

Edexcel Sutton rhnough qualdxanons VIETNAM CO URSEWORK ASSIGNMENTS 2. Background to Vietnam Vietnam Coursework Background When and how did the USA get involved in the Vietnam War?

The giving of aid (money) began in 1945, when France resumed control cover Indo Edexcel designed GCSE History coursework assignments (first examination 2003) 3 SOURCE A: From a book written by John F Kennedy, a US Senator, in 1956 Vietnam is the cornerstone of the Free World in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam coursework gcseIn the vietnam gcse maths and vietnam war representation work. Cuba and strategy the gcse history at bexley grammar school in gcse coursework gcse history as being equivalent to change from.

Source A is by US President Johnson, speaking in April 1965, one month after the start of Operation Rolling Thunder. It is a primary source. Johnson had a difficult job; he had to live up to be popular.

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Unlike Medicine, The American West and Surgery, Vietnam is assessed as a controlled assessment. You will be given the questions in advance and will be expected to bring a plan and notes to answer three timed essays in class, under exam conditions.

So my history coursework question is: Gcse vietnam coursework effective were the American tactics of 'search and destroy' and 'defoliation' during the Vietnam war?

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