Essay on pongal festival in tamil

Pongal is a four day long festival celebrated in the southern state of Tamil Nadu to thank the Gods for being generous in showering their blessings. Pongal It is celebrated in the month of January, when harvesting of rice, cereals, sugarcane and turmeric takes place. Thai Pongal and Tamil new Year,! Thai Pongal (Tamil:a p o l ) is a thanksgiving festival dedicated to the Sun God. It is a fourday festival Mattu pongal mattu pongal or thai pongal pongal kolam, mattu pongal is a fourdayslong harvest festival.

Ooth ending words essay on pongal is also enjoyed by step by month margazhi and celebrate this week's spot, clothes and uttarayana sankranti. Pongal festival, !, Harvest Festival: Pongal is a harvest festival.

It is the most important festival of Tamil Nadu. The season has made the people busy in the rural Tamil Nadu. Men, women, children all would go to the fields to reap the harvest. An English Essay On Pongal Festival Pongal Festival Short Essay For Kids.

In Tamil Nadu it is known as Pongal and in Andhra Pradesh as Sankranti. Pongal is a sweet preparation of rice, milk and jiggery. It is a harvest festival. Pongal is a Tamil word means which means overflowing. This festival signifies good wishes, wealth

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