How to write kawaii in japanese

Is it necessary to be able to write kanji? I mean, actually write it with one of those markysticks on the flat white stuff?. The conventional wisdom is that you have to write out each kanji by hand hundreds of times in order to actually learn them.

kawaii nee! i have been watching a ton of japanese shows, where they would use kawaii alot, and most of the time i see it in katakana, its almost always in katakana, i dont think once i have seen it in kanji (unless i missed it obviously), but a few times i have seen it in hiragana. The translation, pronunciation, and Japanese characters for the word" cute" in Japanese. What does the Japanese phrase 'Watashi ha totemo Kawaii desu' mean in English?

It is not 'watashi ha reads 'ha' only in words, but when used as topic marker it is 'WA So 'watashi WA totemo kawaii desu' means 'I am so cute Aug 12, 2007  Best Answer: (hiragana) (hiragana& kanji) (katakana) we use all of them. you can use the one you like. Soichi Masubuchi (, Masubuchi Sichi), in his work Kawaii Syndrome, claims" cute" and" neat" have taken precedence over the former Japanese aesthetics of" beautiful" and" refined".

As a cultural phenomenon, cuteness is increasingly accepted in Japan as a part of Japanese culture and national identity. Mar 06, 2008 ka wa ii i dont have the japanese interface so its kinda hard. Ka as in the side ways v wa as in the curly snail ii as in the 2 slithering eels

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