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Negative Aspects of Standardized Testing. 1) Many teachers are (unjustly) accused of teaching to the test. Most do not do this, but some feel so much pressure for their students to achieve a specific score that they do end up teaching to the test, whether they want to or not.

This can make school drudgery for students and steal teachers Free standardized tests papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over 400 Standardized Tests have a Negative Effect on Education those socalled quotes extracted from literary professionals may very well have been mangled and rearranged so as not to risk offending any test takers or to avoid Essay on The Disadvantages of Standardized Testing Standardized tests are exams that are supposed to measure a childs academic knowledge but have long been a controversial subject of discussion.

Below is an essay on" Standardized Tests Negative or Positive" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The Negative Effects of HighStakes Tests Essay 1396 Words 6 Pages Visualize a standardized test taken annually by millions of students in the U. S. A. that directly affects teaching methods, school budgets, and grade promotion. Some ideas as proposed by Alfie Kohn state that some people intend to use standardized tests to form negative perceptions of public schools in hopes of privatizing education.

While schools are still dominated by standardized tests Supporters of standardized tests believe that these tests are highly accountable and reliable as they judge the candidates on a common platform across states and nations. The reason given by the supporters of this testing methodology is the disparity in the educational patterns and curriculum throughout the United States.

Negative Impact of Standardized Testing Essay Sample. Standardized testing has a direct negative effect on an educational system including administrators, teachers and students. Standardized testing has proven to increase pressure amongst district leaders and teachers.

Smolin and Claytons (2009) study reports that AYP is based on Standardized Quotes Standardized testing is at cross purposes with many of the most important purposes of public education. It doesn't measure bigpicture learning, critical thinking, perseverance, problem solving, creativity or curiosity, yet those are the qualities great teaching brings out in a student.

Standardized Testing Essay. Abolishing Standardized Tests Standardized tests should be abolished from schools. Standardized tests, like SOLs, are hurting students more so than they are helping them. These tests put a lot of stress on teachers and students. Test scores are used to show school improvement and how well the school is

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