French revolution essay rubric

French Revolution Open Response Quiz In a welldeveloped essay analyze the causes and effects of the French Revolution. In order to earn a good grade you will need to cover all of the topics on your Cause and Effects of the French Revolution worksheet.

This is a 2 page French Revolution themed sourcedbased position paper (essay) for the causes of the French Revolution that requires students to analyze the source, argue a position and support it with relevant information.

Comes with a rubric to mark the essay and a teachers explanation for use. The students will work on their own to put together a visual product for display. The product will contain relevant information directly related to the theme of The French Revolution.

Students will provide information and demonstrate knowledge of: causes of the Revolution; key players in the AP WORLD HISTORY 2016 SCORING GUIDELINES two options in the comparison (the Haitian andor French Revolution) became, in effect the high bar and other evidence related to the French Revolution. This earned the essay 2 points for using evidence. There is suggestions you might wish to consider include the Neolithic Revolution, French Revolution, Haitian Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Russian Revolution, Mexican Revolution, Chinese Cultural Revolution, and Green Revolution in Agriculture.

You are not limited to these suggestions. Do not use a revolution from United States history in Essay title: Dbq French Revolution The French revolution of 1789 had many longrange causes. Political, social, and economical conditions in France contributed to the discontent felt by many French people especially those of the third estate. DocumentBased Assessment for Global History SECOND EDITION Theresa C. Noonan The essential theme of the French Revolution was human freedom; Napoleon Bonaparte killed the French Revolution by reversing its thrust toward freedom.

The industrial revolution created unprecedented wealth at the expense of brutalizing European labor and colonial producers. Directions: ON A GOOGLE DOC, write a wellorganized five paragraph essay that includes an introductory paragraph that has concise thesis that restates the prompt, answers the prompt with 3 support paragraphs from the DBQ documents, and a conclusion paragraph that restates your thesis.

Please turn in on Canvas. Essay french revolution causes ppt French Revolution DBQ. Students will write an DBQ Essay responding to the essential question" Was the outcome of the, and social causes of the French Revolution.

Find this Pin and more on History by steven cutler. French Revolution DBQ The French Revolution of 1789 caused many changes in the social, political, and economical world of France. The French Revolution sparked the beginning for many new reforms in France that were previously unavailable to Global History and Geography ContentSpecific Rubric Thematic Essay January 2007 Scoring Notes: Theme: Human Rights Violations The human rights of many groups have been violated at different times in various nations and regions.

Efforts by governments, groups, and individuals to resolve these human rights violations have met with mixed List and discuss at least 2 causes of the French Revolution.

List and discuss at least 2 effects of the French Revolution. Evaluate whether the changes that resulted from the revolution resolved the problems that caused it.

Step 1: Try to outline this essay without answering the documents. What was the French Revolution? SQ 7. What were the social, economic, and political issues that led to the French Revolution?

New York State Thematic Essay Question Rubric Separated By Category Global History I. Unit 9. 2: The First Civilizations. End of Unit Assessments: New York State Thematic Essay Question Rubric Separated Was the French Revolution Worth Its Human Costs?

This reading selection is from a Taking Sides book which offers opposing views on controversial issues. There is a YES argument presented by the Peter Kropotkin and a NO argument presented by Simon Schama to the Persuasive Essay Rubric

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