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Feb 12, 2011 Describe yourself in an extended metaphor (about 56 lines). Who are you, describe yourself in an extended metaphor? How would you write an extended metaphor essay describing your writing style? Poem writers. I need an extended metaphor poem.

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Next, I share my example outline. Extended Metaphor Essay. EXTENDED ESSAY THE RESEARCH PROCESS Adapted from the IB Diploma Programmes Extended Essay Guide: First Exams 2013 (p.

7 Give an Extended Metaphor physics and spirituality (not religion). It is for college admission. Please use the loaded files for your reference. You must sell and distinguish yourself from hundreds of other applicants.

It can take months to put together the proper essay and longer to edit it. There are no particular parameters defined for how long or short an extended metaphor can be, but in typical use, an extended metaphor is more than one sentence that draws the comparison and can go as long as a whole paragraph, poem, story, novel, etc. Extended Metaphor Essay Sample The horrors of war have been conveyed through the overglorification of war and emotional distress due to witnessing an innocent individual being victimized to war.

Extended Metaphor Definition. The term extended metaphor refers to a comparison between two unlike things that continues throughout a series of sentences in a paragraph, or lines in a poem. It is often comprised of more than one sentence, and sometimes consists of a full paragraph. Disclaimer: Free essays on English Composition posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. The free English Composition research paper (Extended Metaphor: FriendshipGarden essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our online writing service.

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