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The number of words on a singlespaced, typed page depends on the font and point size used. For example, in 12point Arial font, a singlespaced page contains an average of 470 words. Those same words in 13point Times New Roman font take up 1. 4 pages. Font is a term used in typography to refer to a Single spacing is too tight; Double spacing is a bit annoying and can give the impression of too long an essay.

0 Reply Share on Should an Application Essay Be SingleSpaced or DoubleSpaced? Learn the Best Practices for Spacing Your College Application Essay How Many Pages Is 2000 Words? September 18, 2015. 2, 500 words is 5 pages single spaced, 10 pages double spaced.

3, 000 words is 6 pages single spaced, 12 pages double spaced. When I was in school when I was younger, all assignments were page count. Write a 5 page essay. Write a 10 page paper. Now its all about words and Dec 17, 2013 About as long as it would take me to write a 5 page single spaced paper. Same situation OP Need at least 7 pages double spaced with a works cited due by Thursday and a persuasive essay that It depends on the formatting (font, size, and spacing) as well asif there are footnotes.

Assuming the essay is 12 point in Times NewRoman and double spaced, it should be aroun d 5 pages not The word count for a page will vary depending on font size and type, margin size, and spacing elements (singledouble space, blank lines, subheadings, graphics). For a page with 1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, and minimal spacing elements, a good rule of thumb is 500 words for a single spaced page and 250 words for a double Mar 05, 2013 This video shows you how to make your word documnet smaller.

Below is an essay format example of an MLA title page. Type your name, professors name and subject as shown below followed by the date after leaving double spacing on the left hand side; leave doublespace after the date.

Mar 20, 2014 Single vs. Double Spaced (or 1. 5) Sign in to follow this. Followers 0. Single vs. Double Spaced (or 1. 5) and figure captions should be singlespaced. A prose quotation of five or more lines should be blocked. An extra line space should immediately precede and follow a blocked quotation. A general estimate is words per doublespaced page. For a more precise estimate, there are few web sites with" wordstopages" calcula tors, and you can specify the font, size, and Oct 04, 2009 Is a 5 page essay that is double space that is equal to two and half pages single spaced long?

I have been always writing single spaced essays that need to be two to three pages long but it seems long when I typed my essay double spaced(it is now a requirement) because everyone else in my class had about two, three pages. How many words per page varies depending on what font size and type, margins, spacing and paragraph structure is used. the answer is two pages if the word count per page is 250 and it is double spaced. If singlespaced, it is one page.

It all depends on the font type, font size, spacing, and formatting of the text. knowing how many The amount of words on a doublespaced page varies depending on a number of factors, including the margins and font. On average, there are about 275 words on a doublespaced page. This assumes 1inch margins, a 12point font size, Arial font, and an 8. 5inch by 11inch page size. Some fonts contain May 15, 2017  How many words in 5 pages essay? Update Cancel.

ad by Yale School of Management. Why do Students Need to Know How Many Words is a 5 Page Essay Double Spaced? Assuming you are writing in Google Docs or Word with 1012 pt font and single line spacing, 5 pages is 2500 words (500 words per page) 2. 8k

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