How to write a vlookup

I'm trying to lookup a value on a spreadsheet within a table array using the VLOOKUP function in my vba code. I don't know how to write it correctly. Here is the normal VLOOKUP formula with all the references: For example if we were to write the formula as it would give us the# REF! value because we have specified that if theres is a match, it should return the 33rd column from the range.

How can the answer be improved? In its simplest form, the VLOOKUP function says: VLOOKUP(Value you want to look up, range where you want to lookup the value, the column number in the range containing the return value, Exact Match or Approximate Match indicated as 0FALSE or 1TRUE). In order to test the VLOOKUP formula were about to write, we first enter a valid item code into cell A11 of our blank invoice: Next, we move the active cell to the cell in which we want information retrieved from the database by VLOOKUP to be stored.

Rule 3 When referring to the lookup table, you want absolute cell references when you copy the VLOOKUP formula to other cells. For example, if I want to use the same formula in cells E3 through E11, I dont want my lookup cell references shifting each time I move down to the next cell.

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