When lying is acceptable essay

Analyzed Clear Competence Essays Essay Topic" Some people believe that one should always be honest and truthful, while others believe that under certain circumstances it is acceptable to be dishonest or not tell the Aug 11, 2010 As a conclusion, I would say that the truth is a good thing, but sometimes it's not the best one.

Being honest is not always the right decision to make, because a lie, even a white lie, can sometimes bring better results than the truth would, and in such situations lying would absolutely be acceptable. Lying will more often than not get you in trouble. But, there are times when we can't do without it. It only becomes a problem, when we can't control ourself and we being to lie even when the truth is easier to be told. Lying is never the right thing to do, because once you tell a lie it sets off a chain of events.

If you lie just to spare someones feelings, you have to consider the consequences. You might make the person feel good for a while, but in the long run, when the truth comes out, things may not end up so well.

" There are times when lying is acceptable" I disagree with the statement that lying is acceptable. this topic is on debatable issue. For me, Lying is accaptable for only coward people. If you are truely confident and corageous then you never choose to lie.

Articles 1 and 4 feature the opinions of different people, however they focus on how lying can sometimes be acceptable and how it can even be helpful in certain situations. Personally, I can relate with articles 1 and 4 because I believe lying is sometimes justified and it can be acceptable in vital situations.

We asked our CISL students to write an essay about telling lies. Is it ever ok tell a lie? If so, when? We were impressed by the openness of the student essays!

Thank you to each student who participated, and congratulations to Ran Joo, the writing contest winner! Below is Ran Joos essay on lying. Original Composition Essay Topic 3: Sometimes lying is acceptable Introduction: As a child, we were all told at least once that lying is something we should try to avoid.

Of course lying is an act we try to avoid, but there are certain situations where telling a white lie would be acceptable.

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