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Jun 27, 2018 On previous versions like 17. 10, 17. 04 and before I have NEVER experienced this particular issue, suspendresume worked just fine. In 18. 04 suspending also works fine, but on resume the screen remains black. Installation of Ubuntu. Search this site. Ubuntu Linux. Budgy desktop. Install and finetune Ubuntu 11.

10 Oneiric Ocelot. Install Prey in Ubuntu or Mint. Install Ubuntu 11. 4, The Natty Narwall. Network printing in Ubuntu 13. 10 (and 8. 04) I am using ubuntu 17. 10 with gnomeshell 3. 26. And many times, when I suspend my notebook by closing the cover and return it normally, I put my login and password and when I start using the applica May 27, 2012 Ubuntu 11.

10 problems with hibernation, resume from it I've got really anoying problem with hibernation it doesen't work and i don't know why, because it worked before. Now only works suspend to disk, but not suspendhibernation to a disk. I have a Lenovo Ideapad S103 and I began with Ubuntu 11.

04. I have one problem. Once I suspended it, it either resumes straight away (rarely), took up to 3 minutes to resume, or never resumed, and My suspend has always worked but stopped doing so yesterday. The days before I fiddled around a bit with Xorg, but I have reverted all those changes already.

What I was working on was vaapi support Sep 05, 2017 Problem with resume from suspend (Ubuntu 16. 04, GT 940MX) Reply. Follow. 10. nvidiabugreport. sh 11. Post both files here# 5.

Posted 01: 21 PM Is it possible for you are do remote ssh to you linux system and generate nvidia bug report as soon as issue hit. I want to see logs when you see black screen on desktop. I'm running into several issues trying to run Ubuntu 11.

10 (2D gnome) on Mac vmware fusion. Things seem ok until I suspend the VM (or also I believe Ubuntu hibernate resume fails: PM: Resume from disk failed Resume suddenly fails after suspend on Ubuntu 11. 10 (was working before) 4. What happens when you try to hibernate but there is not enough swap available?

3. Windows sometimes fails to resume from hibernate. 4. Hibernation without swap enabled. 0.

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