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(" Battered Woman Syndrome" ), is a theory which explains the behaviour of oppressed and abused women resorting to extreme measures, and was originally conceived of as a legal doctrine to help women defend themselves from the criminal charges which followed their attempts to escape from this abuse. It carries negative connotations, and there is a tendency for members of the legal community and society at large to interpret battered woman syndrome as some sort of incapacity defense.

It implies that women are inferior and need special treatment, as there is no battered man syndrome. Battered women who claim that killing their husbands, living boy friends and even their fathers because it was the only way they could escape their abuse, have used the battered woman syndrome as their defense. The battered woman defense is a defense that is used in court to defend assaultmurder charges where the defendant is abused and commits a offence under duress or necessity.

It is mainly used by women and also referred to as the battered woman syndromebattered wife syndrome. Battered Woman Syndrome An estimated 1.

3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year. A surfacing psychological condition known as Battered Woman Syndrome (BWS), develops after experiencing physical and emotional abuse over an extended period of time. Should the courts allow the battered spouse syndrome defense? This paper analyzes the rationale for the 1990 Supreme Court of Canada decision that established a battered woman syndrome defense as a legitimate extension of selfdefense in Canadian courts.

Battered women syndrome has been used in a diverse assorted cases ranging from ideal selfdefense case to the more narrative prosecutorial syndrome use. Courts use the relevance of the syndrome to back up honesty of womens belief in use of deadly force for her mental incapacity for establishment of a necessary mental objective.

Battered Women Syndrome Essay Battered Women Syndrome The Battered Women Syndrome is a series of characteristics in women who are physically and psychologically abused by an important dominant male in their lives. These women learn helplessness and dependency; sometimes these characteristics originate from childhood. Battered Woman Syndrome as Defense Essay Battered woman syndrome (BWS) was first introduced in 1977 by clinical social worker Lenore Walker. Battered woman syndrome is defined by a series of symptoms which occur after a woman experiences prolonged physical, sexual, or psychological abuse by an intimate partner.

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