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Sample Resume for an Extreme Career Change (a new window or tab will open for all sample resume links). Read the Traditional ResumeUntraditional Career post to see how Jared made his next job transition. The emphasis of a career transition resume is transferable skills. JupiterimagesBrand X PicturesGetty Images. Related Articles. Three or four sample job descriptions and person specifications (optional) References (8) Massachusetts One Stop Career Centers: The Resume Guide; Career Changer Tips and Resume Samples With the economy nowadays, competition to getting a steady career path can be a challenge.

Changing careers, given this circumstance, is a big and bold step. The sample resume shown below is a targeted resume for a flight attendant who is seeking a career change in the salesaccount management field. By carefully targeting resumes for specific jobs and situations, you can greatly improve your chances of getting noticed in the job market.

While your resume may look different depending on the job or industry you're targeting, the one below from someone hoping to transition from HR to sales should Resume templates career transition as a Many career changers do well with a combination resume format, which is a chronologicalstyle resume that leads with a qualifications summary. The summary emphasizes your most related credentials so hiring managers easily see you are qualified for your new goal.

A Mixed Chronological Resume is a chronologicalstyle resume (meaning it lists your past work experience in reverse chronological order) that leads with a qualifications summary. This one is best for career changers with transferable skills from their professional past. Here's how to turn your resume into an effective careerchanging tool: Step 1: Look at your past work experience with a critical eye. Determine the skills, abilities, experience, and qualifications you used or developed in your past that can support your transition into a new career focus.

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