Acient eygpt homework for kids

Ancient Egypt had a number of animals that were local to the area and that they used as pets, farming, transportation, food and fat for cooking and oil. Egyptian Artifacts The ancient Egyptian civilization lasted over 3, 000 years and during that time they created many items that we can still see today. Villages and towns of ancient Egypt were situated near the Nile River.

It was the chief highway as well as the only source of water. Very little rain fell in ancient Egypt. Rain did fall along other parts of the river, however. Every year the water from that rain would flow downstream and eventually flood the lands of ancient Egypt. Afterward, as the Discover incredible facts about Ancient Egypt with Nat Geo Kids! Learn about the country's modern and ancient history, pyramids, pharaohs and more!

thanks great help for my ancient Egypt homework thanks again. Michaela. Thanks I got so much info for my project.

Unicorns. cool i like these facts. abdi. i got lots of facts. About 5, 000 years ago, the civilization of ancient Egypt began in the Nile River valley of northeastern Africa. Ancient Egypt was one of the worlds first civilizations. It is also one of the most famous civilizations in history. The ancient Egyptians built huge pyramids, temples, palaces, and tombs. Their paintings and carvings are among the most The story of ancient Egypt has survived for thousands of years.

Egypt was one of the greatest civilizations of the past. The monuments and tombs of their Pharaohs continue to stand intact today, some 4, 000 years later! Ancient Egypt and the land of the Pharaohs. COOL! Explore the tombs of the Pharaohs and learn about the Egyptian gods. Visit the home of the sculptor Thutmose and use your powers of deduction to find out all about the artefacts in his house. Ancient Egyptian worksheets for kids, teachers, homework. You can search the web for more Egyptian worksheets like this:

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