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10 Resume Mistakes That Make You Look Old Mailing a paper resume. Your resume is probably going to be viewed on a computer screen and needs to look good in that format. " Avoid using antiquated Avoid the Top 10 Resume Mistakes It's deceptively easy to make mistakes on your resume and exceptionally difficult to repair the damage once an employer gets it. So prevention is critical, especially if you've never written one before. Here are the most common pitfalls and how you can avoid them.

1. Typos and Grammatical Errors Your resume Post a Resume; Company Profiles Common thankyou note mistakes that will cost you the job Monster contributor. In todays fastpaced world of online job ads, mobile apps and social media networking, does something as oldfashioned as a postinterview thankyou note still mean anything?

In a word, yes. Actually, heck yes. Eliminate these 10 Resume Mistakes from your resume to promote your value and worth to your next employer. Correcting these common mistakes now will 10 Common Resume Mistakes Most People Make. Mistakes are inevitable. Every now and then, you will be able to commit mistakes and thats fine. The only time mistakes will never be considered as fine?

During a job search. Most importantly on your resume. Why do we say this? This is because mistakes on a resume are the perfect ticket for

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