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Bread givers Essay 1941 Words 8 Pages In Anzia Yezierskas novel entitled Bread Givers, there is an apparent conflict between Reb Smolinsky, a devout Orthodox rabbi of the Old World, and his daughter Sara who yearns to associate and belong to Strong Essays 706 Reb smolinsky essay format (2 pages) Essay on Anzia Yezierska's Bread Givers Anzia Yezierska's Bread Givers Anzia Yezierska's Bread Givers attacks several social norms of both her traditional Polish homeland and the Moved Permanently.

The document has moved here. This story is about Sara Smolinksky. She lives with her father Reb Smolinsky, her mother Shenah Smolinsky and her three sister Mashah, Bessie and Fania in a East side apartment in New York. The Bread Givers An Alternative Perspective Essay Sample. In The Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska, the story is told Reb smolinsky essay format the perspective of Sara Smolinsky.

Her portrayal of life as a Jewish person in New York is a powerful tale of learning to fit in and find ones way in the world. In this era, general law in the Jewish society was that the man had the final say in everything. which was evident from the fact that Reb Smolinsky was able to thrash every single one of his daughters romances.

Reb Smolinsky. Reb Smolinsky considers himself superior for the simple fact that he is a male. He sees his wife and his daughters as depending on him and as having an obligation to serve him for the only reason that he is a male. However, life for girls and women was much harder as Anzia recalls.

This essay seeks to give a summary of the bread giver by Anzia and how the main character Sara handles her life as an immigrant. In the novel Sara lives with her parents who are Jewish, her father was called Reb and her mother Shanah.

Generational Differences in Yezierskas Bread Givers Anzia Yezierskas mosttaught novel, Bread Givers, " is an extensive observation of relationships in an immigrant family of early 20th century America" (Sample 1).

The free American Studies research paper (Bread Givers essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our online writing service. Reb Smolinsky emphasizes how women are nothing without men. He says his responsibility is to read the Torah. He ignores the fact that his daughter Bessie is the only one covering the Bread Givers is a novel written by Anzia Yezierska in 1925 that chronicles the life of an immigrant Jewish girl living with the family in Lower East New York.

The novel depicts various several themes among them the various challenges that women face in their traditional families. Reb Smolinsky the father of the house hold spent his entire life studying the Holy Torah. While his daughters and wives main focus was to make money and pay bills, his was focused on the promise of heaven. In the Holy Torah, men are good and kind; they value the most importance over women.

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