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Whats the Right Amount of Homework? Decades of research show that homework has some benefits, especially for students in middle and high schoolbut there are risks to assigning too much. By Youki Terada Homework Philosophy Homework has a specific purpose at East. Teachers assign homework as a practice of material and skills needed to succeed in the subject and improve test scores.

Homework is targeted and purposeful, based on material already taught in class. Homework is practice, reinforcement, and extensions of classroom content. Homework is differentiated based on age, developmental capacity, and academic needs.

Homework Philosophy Our goal is to have a balance between homework and home life. We believe that homework should be manageable and meaningful, not rote or busywork. Bonsall High School acknowledges that competitive college applicants are wellrounded.

Students take rigorous academic classes, they participate in sports and clubs, they serve meaningfully in their community through service, and contribute to their families. Students do have homework, but we believe that schools should also be efficient enough to get the work done in the 3040 hours a week of class time they already have. New research from Stanford University proved what we already suspected. Homework Philosophy Homework Defined Homework represents the opportunities for students to learn and review content and skills outside of the regular academic school day (Dean, Hubbell, Pitler, & Stone, 2012).

By the 5th grade, many students left school for work; fewer continued to high school (Kralovec& Buell, 2000). In the lower grades, school focused on reading, writing, and arithmetic; in grammar school (grades 5 through 8) and high school, students studied geography, history, literature, and math.

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