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Agreed that you should put contract attorney, rather than document reviewer. BTW, that's one hell of a doc review gig. 40 years! Sign me up! After 10 years of doc review, my resume would be unmanagable if I were to list every single project. Hell, my conflicts chart is 8 pages, and that's in a nice, space efficient spreadsheet.

Document Review Attorney Resume Objectives. Document Review Attorneys are responsible for going over hundreds of documents on any given day in order to find the information needed for a case. Your resume should reflect whom did you work for and describe the legal task performed. Many resumes repeat the same bullet points for each assignment, which is a missed opportunity to describe the depth of your experience.

The work you performed on a review is more important than the matter you worked on. Document review can be tedious and requires specialized knowledge including an understanding of the litigation process, a knowledge of the EDRM and proficiency with document review tools. The skills required may vary, depending on whether it is a firstlevel review, secondlevel review or later review.

Document Review Attorneys analyze documents that are turned over in a case to determine whether or not those documents are relevant to the case. Duties included on a sample resume for a Document Review Attorney include performing first and secondlevel document review, and examining financial records, pricing data, and spreadsheets for Experienced Document Review Attorney with a persistent and strong eye for detail. Adept at finding bad clauses in contracts making sure that all necessary blanks are filled in on forms and establishing a strong working relationship with clients and associated parties.

Nov 06, 2017 Document Review Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview.

How to List Document Review on Your Resume Recently, Ive helped several friends locate document review positions, with both my current company and agencies Ive worked with in the past. Each time, I am reminded that everyone struggles with how best to list document review experience on their resume. Document Review Attorney Kroll Ontrack Inc.Nantucket, MA August 2007 Present. Reviewed and coded of documents for privilege and relevancy issues.

Reviewed and summarized a variety of different contracts. Negotiated with fulfilment services agreements. Engaged in contract negotiations with customers and prospects.

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