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A common concern of jobhunting veterans is whether to include or eliminate military slang or jargon from their resume. Military jargon, like any slang or colloquial language, is filled with acronyms, abbreviations, secret meanings and obscure nuances that can confuse someone who is unfamiliar with the jargon. Military to Civilian Resumes Each year, thousands of service members leave activeduty and transition into the civilian workforce.

Transferring your military experience into relevant civilian roles can be very challenging on a resume. Military jargon is practically another language that only other service members speak. The military A military job like U. S. Air Force aircraft controller doesnt exactly translate to the majority of civilian career options.

At least thats how Eric Lundberg felt once he gave the Air Force his notice to retire. Military to Civilian Resume Sample. Build My Resume Now. Download Sample. Not your career Military jargon civilian resume Thus, its important to avoid using military codes and jargon.

Instead, translate your experiences into more common terms. Consider the following substitutes. Military to Civilian Terms. Translating Your Military Resume for a Corporate Audience. I work with many students on translating their military resume so it makes sense to a civilian audience.

Replace military jargon Translating the military words on your resume into civilian ones can be challenging. You don't have to do it alone, though. Visit your transition assistance office or the family services and support center's employment readiness program. The following common military to civilian translations and tips can help you get your point across to potential employers.

Translate your military skills into civilian terms to create a better resume and improve your odds of landing a good civilian job.

Translate your military skills into civilian terms to create a better resume and improve your odds of landing a good civilian job.

equating your military experience to civilian terms can be a challenging task Civilian terms for military experience Change your military title and responsibilities into civilianfriendly terms Check your particular services personnel manual to see if it contains a list of military jobs and tasks, crosscoded to civilian occupational titles.

A military resume and a civilian resume are two very different beasts. Your odds of having your resume reviewed by a human resources representative or a hiring manager improve drastically if you change the military parlance into more common vernacular.

Dont go heavy on acronyms and jargon: Frequent coop with ING over ISR information. Get your military resume in shape for a civilian job search You've gained a wealth of experience and skills in the military.

Now you need to prove that on your resume. Put your military job title, skills and experiences into terms employers understand. The Department of Veterans Affairs Military Skills Translator can help.

If you use terms you learned in the service, a future civilian employer probably wont know their meaning. Oct 10, 2016  To write a military resume that get's you a civilian job you have to: Choose a career path before putting your military experience on a resume.

Translate your military skills, accomplishments, and work history into laymans terms.

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