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Format. Keep your resume to one page; Avoid preformatted templates; Use a common font in 10 to 12 point (e. g.Times New Roman, Calibri, or Below you will find samples to follow in developing your own resume and jobsearch correspondence. These are also available in the Career Guide, which you can pick up in any of our offices or view online.

Try to avoid copying the samples wordforword! A combination resume includes aspects of both chronological and functional formats. Experiences and skills are emphasized equally. This format allows you to include a section about prior work or experiences and a section about your functional and transferable skills. The most widely used and familiar format is the chronological resume.

Education and experience are listed in chronological order, starting with your most recent experience. This format emphasizes positions and organizations, Optimal Resume The program provides samples, suggestions, and other tools to ensure that your application materials are professional.

You can save your documents Formatted resume university various formats, including Microsoft Word, PDF, or HTML files.

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