How to write a good ballad

Jul 07, 2009 Topic to write a ballad about? A ballad is a poem that actually tells a story. So the topic that i choose to write about has to have a story to it.

My teacher said i could do it on a famous hero or a significant event which has happened, but i still cant decide on what to do. I have to write a ballad any good topics? How do you How can the answer be improved? Writing a ballad is almost like writing a short story, but more elegant and concise, and is a great way to expand your abilities as a growing poet and here are some tips to start you off: Most often, ballads are stories about love, but you can make your ballad about any event that has deeply affected you.

Even if you write the most banal story about going to the grocery store, the music could transform your story into a mystical piece.

So as you revise your story into the ballad form, hone the rhythm and rhyme, making surprising connections with wordsounds. These works were found in print starting during the Renaissance, and eventually the form evolved as a favored form in the 19th century.

Ballads tend to be narrative poems that tell romantic, tragic or heroic stories. Driving the Plot. Ballads are usually plot driven, so before you start writing, think about an event you want to write about. How to Write Find your Story. To write your own ballad, you must begin by establishing your story. So freewrite, as I always say. Start in a general direction and detail the events in your narrative. Feel free to wander off on tangents.

Dwell on particular details. Write and write until you've created original descriptions. Home Writing How to write a ballad. but this doesnt mean they all have to be. In fact, you can write your ballad on any subject you choose. Key steps to writing a ballad. Start out by making notes on the tale you want to tell; Once youve written the story out, cut it down in length, removing all unnecessary words and sentences Consider, for example, the popular ballad of Frankie and Johnnie, most often credited to the prolific author (ahem) Anonymous.

Variations of this poem have been sung by such greats as Bob Dylan, Lena Horne, and Elvis Presley. Writing a ballad can be a little like writing a short story, but more elegant and concise, and is a great way to expand your abilities as a growing poet. Here are some tips to start you off, as well as some awesome example ballads from poets How to write a good ballad

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