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Essay on The Customer is Always Right 888 Words 4 Pages Whether you are communicating with a customer service representative in person or over the phone, the term the customer is always right, has lost its meaning. For as long as I can remember the adage of the customer is always right has been a prevalent part of the customer service experience.

I do not believe that this is always true and customers are frequently wrong about all kinds of things. Sample Essay. Customers are the greatest asset for any business and no matter, right or wrong, the business cannot do without them; they might not be hundred percent right all of the time, but they should still be given a benefit of doubt.

Without customers products cannot sell. Therefore i agree that the customer is always right. It is very important for the seller to always consider the customer's needs and listen carefully to what the customer says.

In most businesses, customers have their rights and which should be observed by the sellers or the administration. The customer always right slogan only applies when the customers are honest and up for noble duties. The slogan is used as guiding principles for the manufacturing companies to improve and adjust on their service delivery.

Positive customers remarks indicate good services delivery and market acceptance of goods and services. [George E. Scott has done in the country what Marshall Field did in Chicago, Wannamaker did in New York and Selfridge in London.

In his store he follows the Field rule and assumes that the customer is always right. Whether the phrase was coined by Field or Selfridge it is fair to call it American. Customers vs. Businesses Customers today still believe the old adage that the customer is always right. The debate between customers and business owners on who is really right can even be traced back to where this business principle came from.

July 25, 2011. Just how pervasive is the cliche" the customer is always right" in business? Well, a quick Google search reveals more than 3 million matching Web pages containing that exact phrase. The customer is always right and the customer is king. I have always heard of these phrases in my marketing class. The customer does not have to be right all the time.

Heshe can be wrong as well. We can always let the customer know when he is wrong; but what if the customer does not like being called wrong. Customer is very important

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