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Nov 07, 2010 It got me thinking about two of my former employers, one changed it's name during a merger (several companies came together under a new name) and the section I worked for of the other was acquired by another company.

If youve worked for a company thats been merged or acquired, naming every entity on resumes is important. The reason for specifying mergers and acquisitions is perception. Background and credit checks will turn up those company names, and if your resume doesnt mention them, it sends up a Name of Position, Name of Company (formerly[ENTER FORMER NAME), City State, Date Date.

or Date Date Name of Position Name of Company (formerly[ENTER FORMER NAME) City State. If youd rather hire a professional resume writer to take the weight off of your shoulders Id suggest taking a look at Denises Resume Service.

Nov 14, 2011  Which company name do I use on my resume, the current company name, or the name of the company when I worked there? Or both, i. e.ABC (formerly XYZ)? A: Great question, especially in this age of Jan 17, 2008 My former company has had four names during the time I worked there. I would like to express this on my resume especially as all of the former names are more recognizable than the current name of the company.

To not appear as a job hopper, we would recommend using the below company name format on the resume. This format shows the current and former name of your employer. Under this heading you can include all of your positions while employed at the company.

May 24, 2011 Anonymous wrote: Call it by the new name and in parenthesis put (formerly known as ), the company name for which you worked. Totally disagree. Employee never worked for company C, so that would be a total misrepresentation. Here are a few options, which work for resumes, cover letters, and job applications, plus an example of a resume including both a current and a former name.

Options for Mentioning a Name Change on a Resume Jun 12, 2012 Whenever possible you should identify employers name changes on your resume. From the standpoint of honesty you need to give the name of the company you actually worked for. The use of prestigious client names can help your resume for two reasons: 1) it give validity to your work; and 2) it serves as a keyword for recruiters searching for those who have worked with those clients.

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