How to write like an architect

Doug Patt's How to Write Like an Architect videos have been viewed over 1. 5 Million times. This course is 27 short videos, each about 30 seconds, that describe how to create your own architectural hand lettering like Doug's, AZ. Plus, download Doug's Architectural" How to Architect" font to use in your software, on your computer, and in Learn How to Write Like an Architect. Updated on March 29, 2018 in Architecture Tutorials.

Truth is, my handwriting is horrible. If you happened to have shitty handwriting like mine and so happened to be an architect, Architectural Lettering: How to Write Like an Architect Lately I have put in a valiant effort to change my handwriting permanently to architectural lettering.

You too can learn how to change your handwriting. So this guy, Doug, made this video instructing you how to write like an architect. I dont think you need anything other than paper, something to write with, and patience to start, but if youd like to carry a small triangle in your shirt pocket nobody is going to stop you.

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