How to write good terms and conditions

Writing business terms and conditions can be a tricky process. For this reason, its important you get it right the first time around. For legal advice, contact LegalVision on 1300 544 755 and speak with one of experienced business solicitors.

Publishing poorly worded or illadvised conditions and policies could result in the documents being tossed out of court in the event you need to enforce terms of sale against a consumer. Equally, if the terms are in writing, it is evidence you can produce before a court if you need to.

Emma Jones, the founder of Enterprise Nation and cofounder of small business campaign StartUp Britain agrees. Essentially, having terms and conditions protects you as a business, she says. In your terms and conditions consider allowing a few extra days for acceptable delivery times.

Unless you are shipping food stuffs, the delivery time will not affect the state of the goods and most people are reasonably understanding of the occasional late delivery.

Business terms and conditions set the contract foundation between you and your customer. It doesnt matter if your business provides products or services, a termsandconditions document is essential.

It protects your business, defines your procedures, limits your liability and explains what you have agreed to do. Before You Write the Terms& Conditions. Before you write the Terms& Conditions for your app or website, understand why you need it and what you hope to accomplish with it. Otherwise, youre unlikely to create a complete agreement. Use TermsFeed Terms& Conditions Generator to generate a custom Terms& Conditions for your business.

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