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Matched: Book summary and reviews of Matched by Ally Condie Matched by Ally Condie. Home Literature Matched Xanderbut it's not all sunshine and roses and happily ever after for these two lovebirds (obviouslyotherwise the book would only have one chapter).

Cassia and the other teenagers each get a microcard where they can learn more about their future mates. Only catch? Kidzworld reviews book one in the bestselling teen dystopian trilogy about a society free of choices. Check out Matched by Ally Condie. Imagine living in a world where everything is decided for Transcript of Matched Book report By Ally Condie Matched Cassia has just turned 17 and is now matched (or made to marry) her best friend Xander.

She is completely sure that he is the one. at least until she plugs her micro card into the port and sees Ky's face flash in front of her.

Matched by Ally Condie (PDF). The 1st book in the Matched Trilogy. In a strictlycontrolled society, seventeenyearold Cassia Reyes started doubting the system when it showed her the information of an outcast as her match, while she was already matched with her best friend.

The Paperback of the Matched (Matched Trilogy Series# 1) by Ally Condie at Barnes& Noble. FREE Shipping on 25. 0 or more! Favorite Paperbacks: Buy 2, Get the 3rd Free Board Books: Buy 2, Get the 3rd Free; Half of you people are posting REPORTS! Save it for school, or your book club. Reviews are for opinions, and we want to know

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