Asynchronous sar adc thesis

SAR ADC is scalable with the technology scaling since most parts of the architecture apart from the comparator are digital. In this thesis, different structures of SAR control logics and dynamic latched comparators are studied; then, a 10bit SAR ADC is designed and implemented in 65nm CMOS technology.

As a result, it is planned to design a 10bit 1GSs singlechannel asynchronous SAR ADC in his work. The aim of this work is to apply the innovative approaches used in recent works and investigate the limits of performance in 28nm CMOSBulk technology. 1. 2 Thesis Organization The thesis is organized as follows. The work researches asynchronous operation of SAR logic and investigates the latest trends for ADCs analog components comparator and DAC.

10bit asynchronous SAR ADC is implemented in CMOS 0. 18 m. Asynchronous SAR ADC: Past, Present and Beyond Mike ShuoWei Chen University of Southern California MWSCAS 2014 1.

Mike Chens IC Group Roles of ADCs Responsibility of ADC is increasing more BW, more Asynchronous 1 SAR ADC Concept ln( ) ID FS m cmp V V g C t v t p V ID analogtodigital converter achieves an FOM of 31. 3 fJconversionstep with an ENOB of 11. 4 b, which is the lowest FOM in highresolution analogtodigital converters having greater than an ENOB of 10 b.

Asynchronous SAR ADC architecture. presents the overall architecture of the proposed 8 bit asynchronous SAR ADC: the switched capacitor network implements the Sample& Hold (S& H), the feedback DAC and the summation node. Based on the output of the comparator, the A Study of SAR ADC and Implementation of 10bit Asynchronous Design Olga Kardonik, M.

S. E. The University of Texas at Austin, 2013 Supervisor: Nan Sun Successive Approximation Register (SAR) AnalogtoDigital Converters (ADCs) achieve low power consumption due to its simple architecture based on dominant digital content.

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