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Synopsis: Much Ado about Nothing. Synopsis: Much Ado about Nothing Benedick and Beatrice immediately resume a longstanding merry war of words; but Claudio and Hero and smitten by loveatfirstsight and are betrothed at a masked ball, mainly through the efforts of Don Pedro.

When the soldiers arrive at Leonatos home, Claudio quickly falls in love with Hero. Meanwhile, Benedick and Beatrice resume the war of witty insults that they have carried on with each other in the past. Claudio and Hero pledge their love to one another and decide to be married. Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy by William Shakespeare thought to have been written in 1598 and 1599, as Shakespeare was approaching the middle of his career.

The play was included in the First Folio, published in 1623. Play Summary Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List The action of Much Ado About Nothing occurs during several days of a visit by Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon, and his followers at the large estate of Leonato, Governor of Messina. Much Ado about Nothing was written to be performed before an audience, without intermission, in less than three hours.

Allow your imagination full sway in a straightthrough, first reading to grasp the plot and characters. In Act 2, Scene 1 of Much Ado About Nothing, Beatrice and her family are chatting about the dinner party they just had.

Beatrice notes that Don John was there, and so unpleasant, it gave her heartburn. Much Ado About Nothing is set in Messina, a port on the island of Sicily, which is next to the toe of Italy. Sicily was ruled by Spain at the time the play was set. Sicily was ruled by Spain at the time the play was set.

In the end, though, it all turns out to be" much ado about nothing. " Liza Esser Young lovers Hero and Claudio, soon to wed, conspire to get verbal sparring partners and confirmed singles Benedick and Beatrice to wed as well. Claudio will once again remember Hero fondly (once shes dead) and in the meantime, some proof will probably surface that will clear her good name.

If nothing shakes out, they can always send Hero off to a convent to be cloistered away. Everyone leaves except Benedick and Beatrice.

Hero, Don John, and Don Pedro are all scheming to make (and break) a few relationships. Read on for a short summary of Act Three of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

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