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MBA Rendezvous presents 14 Top Classic Essays for XAT Exam, XAT Essay Writing Topics& Tips How can the answer be improved? Essay Writing is a part of PartB of XAT exam which also includes GK test. While, GK is manageable, the essay writing section is where the candidates tend to falter. While, GK is manageable, the essay writing section is where the candidates tend to falter. 200 words limit was assigned for essay writing test in XAT last year No negative marking is there on XAT essay writing test; The question topic on Essay writing in XAT is the last question in XAT exam; Past 15 years XAT Essay Topics With effect from 2018, XAT essay writing has become computer based test.

Xat Essay Word Limit 0, 1, subswilmefeedsstab 1, 1. The XAT is unique in the sense that all candidates appearing for the test have to write an essay on a given topic. Most students find this to be the biggest challenge in the exam. In this article, we will provide you with a strategy on how to prepare for the XAT essay and how to approach the topic given to you in the exam.

Essay writing is an important part for XAT for the last many years. The time duration for essay writing in XAT is 20 minutes and there is no mention of word limit but its advisable to write around 400 words that should well justify the topic given.

Click and read 14 top Classic Essays. What does XAT Essay Writing Tests? The essay is used as a tool to judge the social and ethical values of the aspirant as the written piece provides a valuable insight into the mind of the test taker.

The Bschools use the essay as a preinterview yardstick as well. Home Blog Tips on XAT Essay Writing. Tips on XAT Essay Writing. Thursday, December 21st, 2017. Remember, you have a word limit of 200 words, so, make sure that your thoughts concise and not all over the place.

Never make the mistake of ending your passage with an improper conclusion. Conclude the essay in the end by Tips for XAT Essay Writing Word limit for XAT Essay is usually 200 words and could be upto 250 words in certain years. So, time is not an issue and hence you can focus well on the quality without worrying about the time.

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