How to write multis

Jun 29, 2015 I hope this video helps you guys in learning how to use multis, multisyllabic rhymes, like Eminem. Multis arent necessarily harder to write than normalrhymes. They just take extra effort. Youll find that the effort is well worth it. Spit multis, and get your vitamin C. What are multis? Multi is short for multisyllable rhyme. Multis are phrases in which more than one syllable rhymes.

Multis can be double, triple, quadruple (etc) rhymes. Heres the lesson, There are three types of rhymes, Normal rhyme such as cat hat Multi rhyme such as my cat hihat and Longer Jul 14, 2012 I don't have enough time here or something to post wholethe link but I made a video explaining how to write multis for beginners.

(If someone could repost it for me that'd be cool) The syllables have to be consecutive for it to be considered a multi. When he said that they dont have to match in syllable count, he meant that the wordsphrases dont have to each have the same amount of syllables to be considered multis.

The sounds in each must still be consecutive. The most important thing is just to start writing. Try to construct multis. Then create longer lines. Work in some inners.

Remember Eminems comments about seeing rap as a puzzle. Treat it like a game and have fun. When you write lyrics online using RapPad it's easy to get caught up in single syllable rhymes. If you want to bring your lyrics to the next level you'll have to incorporate multisyllable lines (sometimes called multis).

Our very own Botanist recently wrote a rap called" Evolution of Bars. " In this rap he writes lyrics that progressively get better by

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