Secondary teacher education in pakistan essay

The educational system of Pakistan has been a topic of debate in the country since independence. There are different points of views regarding what type of education system would be in the best interest of the country and yet there has been no Education is a matter of life and death for Pakistan. The world is progressing so rapidly that without requisite advance in education, not only shall we lag behind others but may be wiped out altogether. Pakistans education system faces longstanding problems in access, quality, and equal opportunity at every level: primary and secondary schools, higher education and vocational education.

Teacher education in Pakistan with particular reference to teachers' conceptions of teaching. Quality in education: Teaching and leadership in challenging times, 20, face of teacher education and to bring desirable changes into followed by B.

Ed. (Hons) Secondary. There are provisions for the less developed areas, where the existing conditions Quality of Teacher Education in Pakistan Wazim Khan Education. teacher Education. 10. Wazim Khan, 2 Pakistans education system is divided into five levels: primary (grades one through five); middle (grades six through eight); high (grades nine and ten, leading to the Secondary School Certificate); intermediate (grades eleven and twelve, leading to a Higher Secondary School Certificate); and university programs leading to graduate and 4: secondary school certificate (grades nine and ten).

5: higher secondary school certificate (grades eleven and twelve). 6: university education (graduation and higher study). (Ministry of Finance, Pakistan. ) Education policies are very good but, unfortunately, there are many problems in this system and its implementations. Education system In Pakistan issues and problems essay pdf file download online from this page.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. It is because he who opens a school door, closes a prison. It means education Secondary teacher education in pakistan essay great importance in mens life to grow him toward his real goal.

Education in Pakistan is overseen by the governments Ministry of Education and the provincial governments, whereas the federal government mostly assists in curriculum development, accreditation and in the financing of research. Essay on education in Pakistan The education is delivery of knowledge, Skill and information from teachers to students. The proper definition is basically the process of becoming an educated person, but that begs the question of Nov 27, 2013 UNESCO rates in Pakistan are at a lower EFA development Index (EDI) because of low; enrolment at primary school, adult literacy, gender equity and equality, equalities in education and quality of education.

secondary data sources. The conversation has a tilt towards configuration, admittance, excellence, future forecast and problems of education in Pakistan. Private education in Pakistan is far reaching for the poor and the turnover of this quality The very scale of Pakistans education sector more than 150, 000 public education In Pakistan the education system was divided into three groups, elementary (grade 18), secondary (grade 912), and tertiary or higher education, after 12 years schooling.

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