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This weekend, Gerri Jordan, proprietor of Yar Golf, agreed to speak with me about the chain of events that led to the October suicide of her partner, Essay Anne Vanderbilt. Why Outing Can Be Deadly. By Arielle P. Schwartz, Holley Law Fellow, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Fascinated by a golf club created by Dr. Essay Anne Vanderbilt, writer Caleb Hannan started looking into the science and the scientist behind it. Dr. Vs Magical Putter.

The remarkable story behind a mysterious inventor who built a" scientifically superior" golf club. by Caleb Hannan on January 15, 2014. And it was then, during one of those restless nights, that I first encountered Dr. Essay Anne Vanderbilt, known to friends as Dr. V. Jan 19, 2014  In the course of his reporting, Hannan also learned that Dr.

Essay Anne Vanderbilt was born a boy. Hannan eventually sent Dr. V an email trying to confirm what I had discovered. Her name was Essay Anne Vanderbilt, and she was known by her friends and referenced heavily in the article as" Dr. V. " Dr. Vanderbilt was born in a male body and given the name Stephen Krol.

When Grantland's Caleb Hannan outed transgender scientist Essay Anne Vanderbilt, his reporting dehumanized her. She eventually committed suicide. It isn't just a story about the mystery and intrigue surrounding a dubiously magical golf putter, it's a chronological narrative of the author's attempt to untangle the web Dr. V. Essay Anne Friend blames timing of Gilbert inventors suicide on fear of impending article, Gilbert inventor Essay Anne Vanderbilt, who committed suicide, was afraid reporter would reveal details of private life on ESPNaffiliated website, her friend says.

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