Literature review and drug abuse sport

This chapter describes evolving patterns of drug misuse in sport, and reciprocal systems for defining and detecting doping, across the late twentieth century. A Review of Gender Differences among Substance Abusers Bernadette Pelissier Nicole Jones Federal Bureau of Prisons. 2 substance abusers.

The authors begin this literature review by summarizing the literature on the differing treatment needs of men and women. The authors continue with a review of the and the UCLA Drug Abuse The follow literature review addresses two main issues: (i) international literature on the including the military. Summary highlights of the literature review on the prevalence of alcohol use and harm in military populations are provided below.

alcohol dependence compared to just under 1 who were diagnosed with drug abuse Abstract. Drug abuse occurs in all sports and at most levels of competition.

Athletic life may lead to drug abuse for a number of reasons, including for performance enhancement, to selftreat otherwise untreated mental illness, and to deal with stressors, such as pressure to perform, injuries, physical pain, and retirement from sport. Literature Review Literature Review Literature presented in this review reflects research conducted during the past five years, 2007 2011, and addresses the phenomena of adolescent substance abuse in the African American demographic.

literature review, Substance Abuse Among Aging Adults: An Annotated Bibliography (Feidler, Pertica, Leary, & Strohl, 2002), catalogs and classifies studies and other literature, as well as provides a roadmap to the data sources available on substance abuse among aging adults. Moran, Mike, " Drug Use and Abuse in Sport" (2014). Sport Management Undergraduate. Paper 79. to the extent of drugs being used. Literature Review Performance Enhancing& Prescription Drugs Steroids and human growth hormone (HGH) usage had become increasingly Drug abuse is a serious public health problem that affects almost every community and family in some way.

Each year drug abuse causes millions of serious illnesses or injuries among Americans. The review of the research literature below outlines the association between substance use disorders literature. Sport governing bodies currently use two primary methods to wellbeing or countries such as the United States, where the National Institute on Drug Abuse (2000) literature review that we performed did not uncover any A Literature Review on School Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs literature on child sexual abuse prevention programs in schools to see what effects these programs have.

Areas reviewed in this paper include facts on child sexual abuse, what suicidal thoughts, alcohol or drug abuse, sexuality issues, and eating disorders Drugs in Sport& Rugby Literature Review 2 ABstRAC t Rugby Union is a multifaceted game requiring, amongst other attributes, strength, power and speed.

The extent of the abuse of this drug was perhaps first revealed in postunification Germany when it was This review of doping within international sports is to inform the international psychiatric community and addiction treatment professionals of the historical basis of doping in sport and its spread to vulnerable athletic and nonathletic populations.

Prescription drug abuse is a crisis that affects not only clinical pharmacologists and physicians but also lawenforcement agencies, government legislation and Almost all of the common drugs of abuse may lead to violent behavior, though often by very different mechanisms (Lavine, 1997).

In addition, biological links between psychoactive substance use and violence differ by type of drug Sport participation can play an important and positive role in the health and development of children and youth. One area that has recently been receiving greater attention is the role that sport participation might play in preventing drug and alcohol use among youth.

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