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In psychology, these are called flashbulb memories, which are memories of learning something so shocking or surprising that it creates a strong and seemingly very accurate memory of learning about the eventbut not the event itself.

Below is an essay on" Flashbulb Memory" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The memory is said to be like a photo due to its unchanging nature and high levels of accuracy.

The key ingredient to flashbulb memories is a high level of emotional arousal at the time the event was committed to memory. Evidence to support the idea of flashbulb memory comes from Brown and Kulik themselves. Flashbulb memories are those distinctly precise, vivid, longlasting, concrete memories, and which are about a personal circumstance that surrounds an individuals understanding of events that were shocking to himher. This kind of memory involves remembrance with clarity that is almost perceptual.

Memory Analysis Essay Memory Analysis The first emotional factor in forgetting is flashbulb memory (FBs). This is a memory where an individual has a detailed and enduring recollection of the context in which they first heard about a personally important event. Psychological research has told us about the role of FBs.

Dec 21, 2006 That is, retelling the flashbulb memory to others is the same as rehearsing the memory, or reliving it to a certain degree, and when there are inaccurate elements in this reliving they eventually become as firmly entrenched in the memory of the truelife event as the factual memories.

A Flashbulb Memory Have you ever experienced an event that was so significant to you that you felt as if your memory was taking a photograph, keeping the memory implanted in your brain for the rest of your life. This is a prime example of flashbulb memory. This book provides a stateoftheart review and critical evaluation of research into 'flashbulb' memories.

The opening chapters explore the 'encoding' view of flashbulb memory formation and

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