Pysical education coursework

Courses in physical education are typically offered as part of a degree program culminating in a degree, which may qualify graduates to work as physical education teachers at the elementary and secondary level. Physical Education Degree Programs with Course Descriptions Physical education professionals include school teachers as well as fitness instructors and sports program administrators. Learn how physical education associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees can prepare graduates for these career options.

Physical Education Colleges and Courses A physical education degree may be offered at a variety of fouryear universities. Get information on the courses and degree programs and see how Physical Education Courses Lyon College Discover physical education courses at Lyon College, an undergraduate liberal arts college located in Elective Physical Education, a course based on selected standards from Indianas Academic Standards for Physical Education, identifies what a student should know and be able to do as a result of a quality physical education program.

Methods, materials, and activities for a program of physical education in secondary schools. PED 309 MOTOR LEARNING 3 credits Provides knowledge of various factors that may affect learning and performance of human movement activities. An Associate of Science in Physical Education includes coursework in areas like emergencies, personal and community health and adventure activities.

A Bachelor of Science in Physical Education might have required courses in topics like critical health issues, human sexuality and the family and health counseling. Cornell Outdoor Education (COE) is part of the Physical Education Department and offers both credit and noncredit courses in a variety of outdoor related activities. Courses may be added any time before the class starts, with no late enrollment fee.

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