How to write a petition to god

A petition prayer, simply put, is a formal request to God regarding a situation you need help with. However, the mistake most people make, is that they simply keep stating how bad their plight is, and attempt to plead God into taking action. Write the scriptures and your request and daily review them. Pray your prayer to GOD and read the scriptures. Know in your heart if this is for your Highest Good and it is GODS will, your request will be granted.

The Bible is full of information on how to petition GOD for His special blessings and help during our time of need. " Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

" ( Phillipians 4: 6, NIV) This website features several prayers of petition which can be accessed by following the links below. Request God's assistance. For example, you may pray, " Lord, please give my wife and me the strength to honor our vows.

" Close by praying" in the name of Jesus, the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, Amen. " Be confident that God has heard your prayer and it will be answered according to God's will. With hard working and ultimate devotion to god any attempt can get successful. We should not only pray to God almighty for our success we also should pray for petition. The most powerful way of praying petition to god almighty is to write.

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