Weed brownie bad experience essay

This particular experience is one that will more than likely stick with me for the rest of my life. It was a typical day for me living in a college residence. I awoke at 9: 30am and proceeded outside to enjoy a joint of approximately 1 gram of weed Just getting high by smoking that cartel weed at the time was quite an experience, being that I had zero tolerance.

We decided to make the weed brownies that we had heard so much about. Unfortunately we heard a lot, but learned very little. Nov 02, 2016  Horrible weed brownies experience. Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by raouia my friends and I thought that it would be a good idea to cook a brownie full of weed.

just some laughter, nothing bad. After that, I started to feel really bad, my vision was changing, I felt every part of my body, I felt the saliva in Really bad Pot Brownie Experience submitted 4 years ago by Pootieetang I've smoke weed before in the past and have been fine, I even ate part of a pot brownie and just giggled for the rest or the day.

EDIT: My bad for switching between" one brownie" and" two brownies" I actually ate the equivalent of what someone had cut as" one" but it was really long so it was the size of two. I tried marijuana for the first time last night in the form of a brownie. Mar 18, 2008 well i put a quarter of some dirt weed in like 4 bigass brownies and ate 2.

during the comeup i smoked and by then i just kept getting higher and higher until i passed out. good experience, even though i dont remember most of it. Aug 03, 2015  Pot brownie bad experience.

It's been years since I tried marijuana. Last month a friend of mine had some pot brownies and I asked for a small piece for whatever reason. It sat in my fridge for a while and last night I tried it before bed, hoping it might help me sleep.

The weed today is EXPONENTIALLY stronger than the weed Decided to make some Marijuana brownies for the 1st time, really had no idea what I was getting into. I made one pie sized batch of brownies with about 1. 5oz of finely chopped marijuana.

I ate about the size of a small piece of pie to start out. After 45 minutes without feeling any effect, I decided

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