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List of Action Verbs for Resumes& Professional Profiles 1 of 2 Management Leadership Skills administered analyzed appointed approved assigned attained Increase the effectiveness of your resume by up to 50 by strategically using action verbs in the most important sections. Learn more! Action Verbs By Skills Categories Action Verbs in Action: Sample JobSeeker Resume Bullet Points that Kick Off with Powerful Verbs Addicted to Internships: How One College Student Just Said No to Service Jobs and Started Building a Career One Internship at a Time Use these 68 action verbs or action words to crank up your resume.

Includes a list of action verbs categorized by scenario so you can start using them right away! Action verbs help describe the skills you've used to potential employers. Starting your resume bullet points with action verbs also helps keep your descriptions short and powerful.

To help you think about your past experiences, here Action verb list resume hundreds of action verbs, organized by skill area headings.

Action Verb List for Resumes& Cover Letters Management Skills. Communication Skills. Research Skills: Technical Skills. Teaching Skills: Financial Skills. Creative Skills: From The Damn Good Resume Guide by Yana Parker, Berkeley: Ten Speed Press.

Title: Action Verb List for Resumes& Cover Letters No matter what duty or accomplishment youre trying to show off on your resume, weve got just the action verb for you to ensure you're the person for the job.

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