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Harvard Business School (HBS) is located in Boston, Massachusetts, just a short trip away from the Universitys main campus in Cambridge. The first school in the world to offer the Masters of Business Administration degree, HBS has a fulltime MBA program known for pioneering the case method of business instruction. Applicants to HBS must have the following: A 4year undergraduate degree or its equivalent Harvard Business School (HBS) and the Harvard John A.

Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) offer a joint degree program which confers an MBA from HBS and a Master of Science (MS) in Engineering Sciences from SEAS. The program is completed in four semesters over two years If you are looking for help on the HBS joint degree question or any other essay question email us at. Some people may be intimidated by how many people apply to the joint degree program, which routinely comes with prestigious fellowship funding from Hbs joint degree essay PE Juggernaut David Rubenstein and CEOPhilanthropist Bill George.

The schools themselves are pretty tightlipped about application numbers, but we can back into it with a little math. HKS offers joint degree programs within Harvard (HBS, HLS) and concurrent degree programs with few schools at Harvard and with several outside of Harvard (MIT Sloan, Stanford, etc). How do concurrent programs work? It is important that you well align the content of your Joint Degree Essay, HBS essay, and HKS essays for your own sanity but do keep in mind that your admission to these programs is separate and each program has own its admissions.

Thank you for your interest in the Harvard Business School MBA Program! Introducing yourself will help us tailor our communications for you. By submitting this form, you are opting into HBS email updates. JDMBA Joint Degree Program. List of Best JointDualConcurrent Degree MBA Programs February 27, 2018 Nate While a 2year MBA program is the desire and envy of many a business school applicant, an increasing number of MBA students are now completing their studies as part of a" joint" or" dual" degree program.

Harvard MBA Class Profile and Essay Questions Boston, MA Harvard's firstround deadline is usually the earliest among the top schools, which means that applicants often submit their worst application to HBS.

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