Essay on food inflation in india

Rise in prices has become a common feature in India and the people are reconciled to this fact. Rise in prices is called inflation. There are various factors that contribute to this rise in prices. Some are natural factors like unfavourable weather conditions which affect the food production and lead to the shortage of commodities in the market.

Home Essays Food Inflation. Food Inflation. Topics: Agriculture Food inflation At 10. 9 from a year ago, consumer price inflation in India is the second highest among major economieswe still have some way Inflation in India: India suffers with maximum inflation compared to chief markets.

From the last two years India is trying to bring down the inflation rate but all the efforts are in vain. Started with the hike in food prices, inflation now has a Essay on Inflation in India (Problem of rising prices) Category: National Issues of India On March 18, 2015 By Ajit Sen This article discusses the inflation, the current situation, the causes and the means to control inflation in India.

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Autor: people August 31, 2011 Case Study 672 Words (3 Pages) 536 Views Food Inflation In India In recent times, food inflation has been perhaps the most challenging problem faced by Indian leaders and policy makers. India uses the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) to calculate and then decide the inflation rate in the economy. Most developed countries use the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to calculate inflation. Measures to control Inflation: The measures for controlling inflation are discussed below in points: Increase in interest rate is an important measure to control Inflation.

To check the rise in price the Government should not only build up an adequate stock of food grains but also maintain a public distribution system throughout the country.

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