Racf resume revoke

RACF CHANGE USER UUU COMMAND ENTER THE DESIRED CHANGES: OWNER USER NAME DEFAULT GROUP PASSWORD PASSWORD INTERVAL REVOKE RESUME yes UserID or group name Group name User's initial password 1 254 days, NO, or blank YES, mmddyy (date) or blank YES, mmddyy ALU userid REVOKE: Revoke a userid: ALU userid RESUME: Resume a userid: ALU userid RESUME PASS(password) Resume a userid and set a temporary password.

CO userid GROUP(grpname) OWN(grpname) Connect a userid to a RACF group. RE userid GROUP(grpname) Remove a userid from a RACF group. ALU userid RACF allows you to specify a future date for a REVOKE to occur (at both the system and the group level).

You can also specify a future date to remove the REVOKE attribute by using the RESUME operand on the ALTUSER command. If you specify both REVOKE(date) and RESUME(date), RACF acts on them in date order. For example, if you specify RESUME( ) and REVOKE(8506), RACF prevents the user from accessing the system from August 5, 2006, to August 18, 2006.

On August 19, the user can again access the system. recently has been integrated in the RACF Connector adn LDAP Server the chance to change the remove and resume dates on the user RACF account. However this funcionality didn't arrive to the IdentityMinder screens. RSH RACF Tips Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2017 RSH CONSULTING, INC. 29 Caroline Park, Newton, Massachusetts RACF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES matches a GAT entry, RACF grants access immediately if the requested level of access is equal to or less than the level specified in the entry.

REVOKE DATENONE RESUME DATENONE LISTGRP GP1 no member entry displayed for USERSAM2 (not UNIVERSAL group) Turning off RACF bit on a dataset with missing Discrete profile Dataset exists but discrete profile was deleted RACF Command Tips March 2016 Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 8: 16 pm Post subject: Reply to: How do i know till what date my mainframe id will Thanks for the reply.

I was a consultant and recently got converted to full time employee. RACF command processing treats an RLIST STARTED as a request to list every profile in the class STARTED rather than list the singleasterisk profile. For this reason, I recommend never creating a singleasterisk profile. How to reset user who has been revoked due to inactivity with RACROUTE. But when attempting to log on again the user still receives the information that his RACF account has been revoked. Any ideas? Kind regards, Miknosoft but for a revoked Racf resume revoke you need to resume it.

There is a difference between a password reset and userid resume.

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