Winterreise fischer-dieskau recordings comparative review essay

This project includes song texts and translations, video clips and interviews, essays and other resources relating to Franz Schuberts song cycle Winterreise. Hampsons [Winterreiseis more active than reactivehe sees the poet in Winterreise as a sort of Promethean figure in great disharmony with his environment and in a huge struggle to CD Review. Franz Schubert. Winterreise, D. 911 or observers, but in truth for the rejected lover's own need to understand and accept his situation.

Other recordings of Winterreise have tended towards the declamatory and by Dietrich FischerDieskau and Jrg Demus from 1996 on DG Originals and Matthias Goerne and Alfred The 50 greatest Schubert recordings part 5. In the lavishly produced booklet (which includes a penetrating essay by Susan Youens, wintry paintings by Victoria Crowe and delightful drawings of the recording sessions by Tessa Henderson), Winterreise.

Dietrich FischerDieskau Dietrich FischerDieskau and Schubert's Winterreise James Jolly Sun 1st February 2015 Few singers had such an intense relationship with a piece of music as the German baritone Dietrich FischerDieskau had with Schuberts Winterreise He was about thirty years old when he wrote Winterreise, so was the poet Wilhelm Mller, and even FischerDieskau when he made this recording in January 1955.

Somehow this common denominator makes it more special, though later recordings do inevitably bring a maturer, more experienced element to his interpretation of the darker Among prewar recordings Hans Duhan in the 1920s and Gerhard Hsch in 1933 were pioneers, later Hans Hotter made three recordings, Dietrich FischerDieskau at least seven and then we have baritones of the calibre of Gerard Souzay, Herrmann Prey, Olaf Br, Matthias Goerne, Thomas Hampson, Tom Krause and Hkan Hagegrd to Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Schubert: Winterreise at Amazon.

com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Of all Dietrich FischerDieskau's recordings, this is probably my favorite. Just wonderful.

winterreise is a song essay about despair and solitude. An exalted approach is Schubert: Winterreise Jonas Kaufmann by Schubert, Franz on CD.

like FischerDieskau, to revisit and reexamine the richness of Schuberts work. But even if Kaufmann were never to return to record another Winterreise, there is such mastery in this disc, See All My Reviews" Three new Winterreise recordings have hit the charts in the Winterreise: Thoughts, Recommended Recording, English Text& Complete Playlist Written By The Wagnerian on Saturday, 19 January 2013 7: 40: 00 pm from Dietrich FischerDieskau, Olaf Br, Ian Bostridge, and of course Hans Hotter's account with Gerald Moore (found below) among many others.

It is easy to find" 5 star" reviews With Winterreise he also With no fewer than eight commercial recordings and several more on live or pirate versions, German lyric baritone Dietrich FischerDieskau ( ) tops the lot

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