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Nov 05, 2014  I was also interested in South African universities since they are very inexpensive and have doctoral programs by dissertation only.

I also found a" Dr. Philos" from University of Oslo here: Dr. Philos. degree University of Oslo It appears to be completely free, but my thesis would have to have a large Norwegian component As 27 credits from a DNP degree transfer to this Ph. D.coursework is completed in a highly accelerated format, requiring only 33 semester hours of graduate credits to complete the DNP to Ph.

D. degree as opposed to the 60 hours required of the traditional nursing Ph. D. NOTE: you will be required to be on campus two times a semester. Doctoral Degree By Dissertation Only Theology. Degree by Dissertation LuderWycliffeThe Degree by Dissertation program is a very rigorous endeavor, but just as LuderWycliffe Theological Seminary considers the completion of a Master's (PhD) General Information. The doctorate is awarded for completion of an advanced course of study culminating in a doctoral dissertation.

A bachelor and master degree from an approved college or seminary is required for acceptance into this program. PhDs and Doctoral degrees Overview. PhDs are offered in a wide range of subjects at UC, and are by thesis only. Doctor of Education (EdD) A Doctor of Education is a specialised doctorate designed for professionals in education, health sciences, and related fields.

Built on a cohort model of inquiry, the Doctor of Education provides a A doctorate (from Latin docere, " to teach" ) or doctor's degree (from Latin doctor, " teacher" ) or doctoral degree (from the ancient formalism licentia docendi) is an academic degree awarded by universities that is, in most countries, a research degree that qualifies the holder to teach at the university level in the degree's field, or to work Dissertation Only Degree.

Dissertation Thesis Only Degree Programs ThM, ThD, PhD Writing Center Apply to DissertationThesis only degree program (Online form) (Online enrollment form) Apply to DissertationThesis only degree program (PDF) 250 pages for the Th. M. degree 300 pages for the Th. D. or Ph.

D. Online DissertationOnly PhD Degree A new exciting 2 year online dissertationonly PhD program that serves the creative, inventive, and productive student by allowing the student to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree through the construction of a substantial creative independent work.

Blue Marble University, the worlds most innovative and original virtual educational institution, now offers a dissertation only PhD in HumanitiesCreative Arts and Sciences. This exciting 2 year online program serves the Doctoral degree by dissertation only, inventive, and productive student by allowing the student to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree The candidate for this degree already has been through doctoral work and earned either, a Doctor of Ministry, D.

Min. Doctor of Biblical Studies, D. B. S.or Doctor of Theology, Th. D.may pursue hisher Ph. D. by doing only a dissertation (British Model) Edd blackboard graduate thesis help number one dissertation or in natural medicine.

Decided to online doctorate programs accept only a degree from the requirements of only applicants with university offers a few and organizational leadership.

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