How to write a ie plugin

For more information about how to create a Web performance and load test project, see How to: Create and Configure Test Projects for Automated Tests. In Solution Explorer, rightclick on the solution and select Add and then choose New Project. Every IE browser window you open, it loads new sets of browser helper objects and depending on the number and memory usage of installed plugins, it may affect your IE's performance. The same happens when opening instances of Windows Explorer!

Open the Web test to which you want to add the request plugin. To add a custom request, click Set Request Plugin on the toolbar. This displays your request plugin in the Set Request Plugin dialog box. Select the class and then click OK. Note You can also change the request plugin in the properties window.

Select the Web test node and Dec 30, 2010 Dear Guys. Plz Reply Following question. How to Create Internet Explorer Plugin Using C#. Thanks Sep 23, 2010  Hi, i want to write a plugin for Windows Explorer. I want to make something similar to what happen to zip file in Windows (I use Windows 7), e. g: I want that a custom icon is associated to my custom file format (easy) and when I open the file, it's contents show up in Explorer and all the operations (like, for example, spicIE, a recent addition to MSDN Code Gallery, wraps the COMplex aspects of IE plugin development, allowing you to write plugins in managed code C#VB.

Net, etc. SpicIE is a framework which allows you easily to extend Internet Explorer 78 with your own plugins.

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