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Home Education Career My Aim in life to Become a Doctor A life without any specific goal is simply meaningless so it is extremely important for every individual to set some specific goals for hisher life and then strive hard towards achieving those goals. Sample Essay# 1: My mother loves telling the story of my response when my parents asked me what I wanted for my experiences leading to my decision for a career in medicine.

As a patient myself, as the son of a pediatrician, as a hospital volunteer, and as an extern of an I was considering studying medicine and becoming a doctor. My My goal was to receive training that would be valuable for my future medical career, as I was working in the field of emergency health care. It was also a way to help me pay for college.

When I was called to active duty in Iraq for my first deployment, I was forced to withdraw from school, and my deployment was subsequently extended. A Career as a Psychiatrist Psychology is the study of the human mind and its functions.

I am interested in psychology because I think it is fascinating how peoples minds work and how they are affected by different things.

The Importance if My Mom to My Career Choice 908 Words 4 Pages. In my email, I use an academic article as my basis for my whole argument. This article is based on academic research and thus, my topics of discussion in my A career in medicine exemplifies my second and third career choices.

Clinical Psychologists rectify maladjusted individuals, empowering them to be happy, healthy, and welladjusted. Professional bodybuilding demands vast time commitment, dedication, and Short essay on my aim in life to become a doctor Short essay on my aim in life to become a doctor. Short essay on my aim in life to become a doctor All PDF An essay on my aim in life, wellknown career because it gives a doctor the knowledge to help people find the cure to their illness and maintain them healthy.

Finally, becoming a doctor would assure me a lifetime of happiness. I know I would love going to my job every day, because I would be working with Becoming A Doctor essays A doctor is someone who can help someone else in need.

There are many types of doctors, ranging from general pediatricians to specialists. They are respected people and are looked to when something is wrong. My ambition is to become a doctor or a physician.

A doctor is always at the service of suffering people. The smiling face of a doctor makes the patient cheerful. If I become a doctor I will be kind to the poor and the needy people. We, as human want healthiness.

Finally, I will find happiness in my career as a doctor because when humans need my assistance, I know that I will be able to help them. First, as a freshman at mountain pointe High School, I keep in mind my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

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