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" A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens is one of the most beloved works of 19thcentury literature, and the story's enormous popularity helped make Christmas a There were two significant reasons why Charles Dickens wrote" A Christmas Carol. " The first was the fact that his latest book was not selling and led him into serious financial trouble. The second was a visit to the industrial city of Manchester in 1843, where he saw the plight of the poor and felt A Christmas Carol, probably the most popular story that Charles Dickens ever wrote, was published in 1843.

The book is as popular today as it was over 150 years ago. Charles Dickens, through the voice of Scrooge, continues to urge us to honor Christmas in our hearts and try to keep it all the year round. Geva Theatre Center, Rochester NY A Christmas Carol 2013 Charles Dickens was a major celebrity easily identified in England and in Europe, virtually mobbed on his visits to the United States for reading tours.

Watch video Dickens set out to write his pamphletturnedbook in spring 1843, having just read government report on child labor in the United Kingdom. The report took the form of a compilation of interviews Even if economics motivated Dickens to write A Christmas Carol, his story stimulated charity, writes Golden.

Characters like Bob Cratchitts Sep 13, 2018 Childhood experiences and sympathy for the poor inspired Charles Dickens to write A Christmas Carol. Charles was 12 years old when his father was imprisoned for debt.

Charles Dickens, who lived from, wrote five Christmas books, of which A Christmas Carol was the first. A Christmas Carol was written in 1843 and had a major influence on our idea of an

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