How to write procurement specification

C: \Documents and Settings\Temporary Internet B V1. doc Approach to Specifications There is no set way of drafting the specification as it will depend on what is being Template for writing a specification supplies and services. Topics: Procurement; Information on CPD customer service standards; This template will help you structure a supplies or services specification. If you are not experienced in writing specifications it may be helpful to read our guidance documents on preparing specifications.

Home Procurement Best Practice Guide to Government Procurement 2 Tender Specification Writing Print Page 2 Tender Specification Writing A specification is a document that clearly, accurately and completely describes in detail what the government needs to purchase. How to Write Purchase Specifications Purpose. Specifications are used by the University to describe what it intends to purchase. They are used by vendors to prepare bids to supply the items or services requested.

6 Writing procurement specifications guideline December 2016 4. 4 The importance of a clear specification A specification must be clear and accurately define the expectation imposed on the supplier. Ambiguity in the specification may result in inappropriate or incomplete responses from potential suppliers. May 08, 2011  How to Write a Technical Specification Three Parts: Assessing General Considerations Creating the Specification Completing the Specification Community Q& A A The Art of Planning and Writing Specifications& Requirements Thomas L.

Tanel, President and CEO CATTAN Services Group, Inc. need to bear in mind that the success of the procurement relies on the specification being a true and accurate statement of requirements. Preparing a specification should thus be seen Equipment Specification Writing Guide CONTENTS 1 General 2 2 Overview of Principles 2 principles of EC procurement before they start developing the equipment lists and specifications.

It is usually not possible or in some cases risky to write specifications without using technical literature from manufacturers. Therefore, it is Writing a Tender Specification gives you all the tools to ensure you are compliant, you gain the maximum results from your procurement and you start to achieve long term efficiency savings. Getting it right now can help towards future proofing the products and services you purchase.

Product Specifications& Requirements USDA Foods meet high standards for quality and wholesomeness and must be produced and processed according to detailed USDA specifications. Specifications by Product: Specification Writing Duration: 1 Day 8: 00 a.

m. 5: 00 p. m. Continuing Education Hours: 8 Workshop Description: This workshop provides" handson" experience in developing specifications for the procurement of goods and services. descriptions, or any other type of procurement specification. This guide is intended to supplement the format and content requirements for writing performance specifications Presented by the Department of General Services Bureau of Procurement 1 Writing specifications may be the most challenging procurement.

Without an accurate map the procurement efforts to obtain equipment, materials and services may fail. There are two ideals to remember when developing Specification writing.

The contents of a specification will vary according to whether the specification is written from the standpoint of the user, designer, manufacturer or seller. The specification will also vary according to the material or item concerned.

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