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Make Your Reservation to Attend Attending New Student Orientation is an important step in becoming a Penn State student. Our online reservation system will make it easy for you to select your preferred orientation program. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Were delighted youve chosen to attend USC! graduatesignup Undergraduate Students If you are an undergraduate student and want to learn more about how to sign up for your Orientation, we are here to help!

After Orientation. Complete the Orientation evaluation. The University of Southern California is a community that supports the education, growth and wellbeing of all its students in their professional and personal development In the preorientation homework, it says to send in final transcripts. Do the transcripts have to be at USC before orientation?

For AP scores, I took a few AP tests last year, but didn't list a college to send them to. historiographical essay sample usc pre orientation homework Registration for New Freshman, Transfer Students, Disabled University of Southern California (CA) TT Assistant Professor of African.

The teaching assignment will include a range of courses in American Art, Home New Student Orientation Your PreNSO Homework Your PreNSO Homework To prepare for a successful transition to Penn State, we've prepared a list of important tasks that you should complete before and after your NSO. Complete Your PreOrientation Homework Prior to attending Orientation, all undergraduate students must complete their first USC" homework" assignment.

This includes a variety of important tasks such as sending your final transcripts to USC and completing online placement tests in math, chemistry andor foreign language.

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