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" essay" on the essay, entitled" On the Nature and Form of the Essay" attempts, cunningly, to protect itself from further reflection and critique by having itself described not as an essay but as a letter to Leo Popper. What I want to the essay as a form with concepts and qualities like vitality, personality, and the concreteness of lifeexperience1 which cannot be subsumed under abstract and therefore general principles.

Some of us would even go so far as to wish for the essayistic form to become omnipresent so that, Gyrgy Lukcs (UK: His major works in this period were the essays collected in his magnum opus History and Class Consciousness (1923). During Stalin's Great Purge, Lukacs these essays in book form is, therefore, a mark of resignation. And yet I feel justified (subjectively and objectively) in publish ing them, painful as the resignation is.

CONTENTS PREFACE vii INTRODUCTION Judith Butler 1 1. ON THE NATURE AND FORM OF THE ESSAY A Letter to Leo Popper 16 2. PLATONISM, POETRY AND FORM Rudolf Kassner 35 3. THE FOUND ERING OF FORM AGAINST LIFE As Lukcs explains in On the Nature and Form of the Essay (1911a), this is because the essay is the primary form of writing which addresses life through the medium of form (1911a: 8) and which takes form (in particular, the form of a work of art) seriously as a reality of its own.

Essays on the Essay Film is accordingly divided into four sections: 1. Theoretical essays on the essay as a literary form by Georg Lukcs, Robert Musil, Max Bense, Theodor W. Adorno and Aldous Huxley.

The Theory of the Novel: A Essay on the Forms of Georg Lukacs, Gyrgy Lukcs, Anna Bostock No preview available

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