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At the Department Schoelkopf in Tuebingen, I advanced my thesis research on novel semisupervised learning algorithms with Dr. Yasemin Altun. I came back to the US in early 2010, and joined the startup world after receiving my PhD degree. A. Naz Erkan, Oliver Kroemer, Renaud Detry, Yasemin Altun, Justus Piater, Jan Peters The aim of this thesis is to conceive a collisiondetection mechanism, that stops the robot when it comes in contact with the floor, a wall, or an obstacle.

Collisions will be detected by interpreting the measurements made by the forcetorque sensor. Faculty: Master thesis of the Facult des Sciences appliques nbsp; Understanding Random Forests: From Theory to Practice arXiv Renaud Detry, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Universit de Lige; Accordingly, the goal Renaud Detry, Ph.

D. I'm currently at NASA JPL in Pasadena, CA, as a permanent member of the Mobility and Robotics Section ( see my JPL Homepage ). I am a visiting researcher in the Systems and Modeling Identication of dangerous contingencies for large scale power system security assessment in this thesis to the Belgian transmission network as well as valuable feedback on the Bertrand Cornelusse, Renaud Detry, Samuel Hiard and Da Wang.

Many additional thanks to Petros Aristidou, Julien Becker, Vin A second part discuss the use of stereopsis to reconstruct an equivalent 3D representation of the visual information. Interactions between perceptual grouping, stereopsis and 3D reconstruction processes are discussed.

The third part of this thesis integrates visual information across time to further disambiguate the representation.

This paper presents a method for oneshot learning of dexterous grasps and grasp generation for novel objects. A model of each grasp type is learned from a single kinesthetic demonstration and several types are taught.

These models are used to select and generate grasps for unfamiliar objects. Thesis advisor Prof. Ville Kyrki Preliminary examiners Dr. Renaud Detry, Monteore Institute University of Liege, Belgium Prof. Matei Ciocarlie, Columbia University, USA Opponents Prof. Carl Henrik Ek, University of Bristol, Kopicki also devised the new query density method via discussions with Detry and Wyatt.

Wyatt and Kopicki devised the inference methods for grasp selection in discussion with Detry. All methods were implemented and tested by Kopicki. Experimental methods were devised by Wyatt, Kopicki and Detry. Wyatt, Kopicki and renaud detry thesis.

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