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points or ideas but with the added benefit that a reverse outline makes it easier to revise a paper. Thus if a typical outline represents a plan, then a reverse outline provides a clearer picture of how the writer carried out the plan in Reverse Outlining What is a reverse outline? Reverse outlining is the Swiss army knife of revising. Through this process, you can identify problems with your claims, the structure of your paper, and the organization of your Reverse outline essay.

How can the answer be improved? Reverse Outlining: An Exercise for Taking Notes and Revising Your Work. Summary: This exercise is useful for either difficult texts that you must read, or as a way to revise your work for organization and clarity. When reading, these notes allow you to follow the logic of the essay, making it easier for you to analyze or discuss later. Essay on Reverse Outline 714 Words Nov 6th, 2012 3 Pages Reverse Outline 1 Topic Sentence: In examining Kurt Vonnenguts SlaughterhouseFive, we can illuminate the faults in Weisenburgers theory of satire dichotomy, as well as illuminate the nature of the satirical qualities of SlaughterhouseFive itself.

A reverse outline is just what it sounds like: outlining in reverse. In the early stages of the writing process (before you have a draft), it is a good idea to outline your ideas and produce a draft from that outline.

Our class was assigned to a do a reverse outline on one of the essays in our book, Global Women. The purpose of Reverse outline essay assignment is to look at what the author is stating, how the author is stating it, and why in hopes that it Reverse outlining is a useful skill that you can use in two major ways: (1) as a writer, to clarify your own draft and (2) to take notes on text(s) as you are reading. What is reverse outlining? Reverse outlining is simply making an outline AFTER an essay Reverse Outline.

12 December 2016. Its function is to provide the main idea which the author will argue thorough the essay. 2 Topic Sentence: Weisenburger rejects the concept of the dichotomy between a good and a bad example, yet in rejecting this moral polarization, he presents degenerative as good as opposed to inherently Reverse outlining allows you to see the structure of your essay and make changes for the better.

It is a condensed version of the essay itself. Reverse outlines help you in determining if your essay reaches its expectations. Ideally, you should make an outline before you write any paper even a short essayto help keep your paper clean and focused.

So what's a reverse outline then? Reverse outlines are done after the first draft of your paper is complete. Doing a reverse outline is simpleit just involves slowing down the pace of your reading and trying to identify the points that you want to get across to your readers, and taking notes.

To start, here is a sample essay: Wallace (DFW) begins his speech with a disarming, selfdeprecating joke that Reverse Outlines: A Writer's Technique for Examining Organization.

Many writers use a reverse outline to check their work. Reverse outlining is a process whereby you take away all of the supporting writing and are left with a paper's main points or main ideas, sometimes represented by your paper's topic sentences. Reverse Outline Cant see anything? Click here to watch this video on YouTube. Related links Reorganizing drafts Paragraph development Audience. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons 2.

5 License. A reverse outline is a helpful editing tool that highlights problem areas in organization, thesis support, and flow of the paper. A reverse outline

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